IFSW employee Dr. Christian Hagenlocher was awarded with the WLT Prize 2020

September 29, 2020 /

[Picture: Christian Hagenlocher]

After Christian Hagenlocher passed his doctoral examination in May 2020 for his dissertation "The grain structure and hot cracking resistance of laser beam welding seams in aluminium alloys" with distinction, he has now been awarded with the WLT Prize 2020 at the LANE 2020.

The award was also given because Mr. Hagenlocher, in addition to his outstanding scientific work, is also a volunteer for the Keniahilfe Schwäbische e.V. for street children in Kenya.

In his dissertation and publications, Christian Hagenlocher has dedicated himself to hot cracking in laser beam welding of high-strength aluminium alloys. These topics are of great practical importance, as the safe joining of such alloys is a prerequisite for lightweight construction concepts in the automotive industry. By a balanced combination of analytical modelling and experimental investigations, the influence of the process parameters on the grain structure and on the hot crack resistance could be investigated comprehensively. The combination, simplification and adaptation of models from different disciplines enables for the first time the comprehensive description of this relationship by means of analytical equations.

Due to his high commitment to research and development work and his extraordinary scientific achievements, Dr. Christian Hagenlocher has become one of the leading experts in the field of laser beam welding of aluminium alloys. The IFSW congratulates him warmly on this award.

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