Engineering Design, Production Engineering and Automotive Engineering

Mechanical Engineering – Faculty 7

The Faculty of Design, Production Engineering and Automotive Engineering is one of the largest faculties at the University of Stuttgart. Together with Faculty 4, we are one of the largest mechanical engineering faculties in Germany.
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Welcome to Faculty 7

This website is still under construction. More English content will be provided soon.

In the meantime, please have a look on the German webpages and feel free to contact Charlotte Kuhn if you have any questions or requests concerning Faculty 7.

Studying Mechanical Engineering in Stuttgart

The Joint Commission of Mechanical Engineering (GKM) is in charge of all aspects of studies and teaching in the two faculties (departments) of Mechanical Engineering:

  • Faculty 4 - Energy, Process and Bio-Engineering and
  • Faculty 7 - Engineering Design, Production Engineering and Automobile Engineering.

Information regarding Tasks, members and contact persons of GKM can be found here.

The Mechanical Engineering Center (Studienbüro Maschinenbau) is a service point for prospective students, students, alumni and staff.

Faculty management and office

This image shows Charlotte Kuhn

Charlotte Kuhn


Faculty mangager

Anette Bradler


Secretary to the Dean

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